Website Update Service

Is your existing website out of date? Is it time for some new content? You're in the right place - we can help you.

New or updated website pages (content) brings many benefits:

  • sites with new content are ranked more highly by the search engines
  • sites with up-to-date content are more useful to your customers
  • keeping your website fresh gives a great impression to potential clients
  • stay current without paying for a new website
  • save money and time by getting an expert to work on your website

So if you just need your opening hours changing, a few new photos to keep the site looking fresh, or you'd like us to write a range of articles to give Google something to chew over, we can help.

If your existing website provider has stopped answering emails or wants to charge you the earth each time you add a photo, get in touch with us. Our clients appreciate our sensible advice and high-quality copywriting and web page update service.

We charge a simple hourly rate of $90+GST for this work. All invoices present each item with the exact time taken so you know where you stand. We will always give a careful estimate before work starts. We just need access to your existing website and then we can get to work for you.

Typically we can edit your home page, add a couple of new pages and create a new photo gallery within 1-2 hours.

Ask us about our website content update service

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