Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to a range of straightforward techniques and strategies used to make sure that websites make good sense to the search engines. When search engines are able to understand what your web site is about, it stands a better chance of appearing on the all-important First Page of search results.

Fyles Web Design offers SEO services to clients in New Zealand. Based in Ashhurst near Palmerston North we provide a very high-quality bespoke SEO service at a low monthly cost. All work is undertaken by our own staff in New Zealand.

If you're thinking any of the following, we can help:

  • my website does not appear when I type obvious things into Google
  • my website is not making me any money
  • my website appears in Google but the description is not what I want

We've been providing sensible SEO services to New Zealand clients since 2009. We've moved sites from Google page 4 to Google page 1, number 1. We can work with your existing website, whatever the system it uses.

We offer three main SEO services:

  • Professional SEO Appraisal Report: $180+GST. We provide a comprehensive report of the work that is required to bring your site up to date for SEO purposes.
  • Once-only on-site SEO Clean-Up: $390+GST. We work methodically through each page of your site, cleaning and clarifying every available element so that it all makes perfect sense to Google and other search engines.
  • Periodical SEO: $190+GST/month, minimum 6-month contract. We keep on top of all site elements, maintaining a good profile with the search engines. We also work persistently on your off-site SEO, maintaining a range of high quality in-bound links from established sources.

Ask about SEO

If you have questions about SEO and how it might be relevant to you, feel free to get in touch using this simple SEO enquiry form:

How much difference will SEO make?

How well your website ranks with search engines is determined by a very wide range of variables. These include:

  • the quality of your site content
  • the technical attributes of all website elements
  • how original your site content is
  • the competition from other similar businesses
  • how many other quality sites link to yours
  • whether people share links to your site using social sites like Facebook
  • whether your website is up-to-date or not

We guarantee to improve your search results with our sensible approach to SEO. Give us a call if you want to find out more.