Get mail in the Windows 10 ‘Mail’ application

We don’t recommend using the built-in Windows 10 ‘Mail’ application to access your email. It’s well-known for being quite unreliable, in various ways. It’s also very limited in terms of its functionality. For example it does not save Sent messages in the Sent Messages folder. We strongly recommend using Thunderbird instead (it’s free, simple to use and has many more features) - read our helpful guide to setting up Thunderbird on your Windows 10 or Mac computer.

But if you’d really like to use the built-in ‘Mail’ application on your Windows 10 PC, simply follow the steps below. If you are using a Mac computer click here for your email setup instructions. To use Outlook 365 on your Windows 10 computer, click here.

NB This email setup guide has screenshots which show the steps for a different email address. When following the steps, be sure to use your own email address! Where the application requires a username, that’s always your email address, too.
This is the icon for the Mail application on Windows 10 computers

  1. On your Windows 10 computer, start the Mail application. If you can’t find the application, click the Start menu then start to type ‘Mail’
  1. When Mail is running, click Accounts. This may be hidden - click the cog → click Manage Accounts
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Click Advanced setup
  1. Under Advanced Setup, choose ‘Internet email’
  1. Complete the form, making sure that you scroll down to see all fields.
  • Email address and User name are always the same - both are your email address
  • Both incoming and outgoing mail servers are
  • Leave all four boxes ticked for the security features
  1. Click Sign in
  1. You will now see your email Inbox.