Get mail using Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a well-established, free mail application for Windows, Mac and other kinds of computer. It’s easy to use and has many powerful features. It’s a far better choice than the very limited built-in ‘Mail’ application for Windows 10, but if you’re using a Mac then you probably won’t need Thunderbird.

To use Thunderbird to access your email from Fyles Consultancy, follow the steps below.

NB This email setup guide has screenshots which show the steps for a different email address. When following the steps, be sure to use your own email address! Where the application requires a username, that’s always your email address, too.

  1. Download & install the free Thunderbird mail application from the Thunderbird website.
  2. Start Thunderbird
  3. A simple ‘wizard’ step-by-step guide begins as shown below. Enter your name, email address and the password provided to you.
  4. Click Continue
  1. The screen now displays as follows - basically Thunderbird has not worked out the right settings so you should click Manual config
  1. Using the screenshot below as a guide, enter the correct values as follows:
  • Incoming/outgoing server hostname is
  • Incoming port is 143
  • Outgoing port is 587
  • Authentication is Encrypted password
  • Username is your full email address for Incoming and Outgoing
  1. Click Done
  1. If you have entered the above values correctly, Thunderbird will now download your Inbox messages etc.
  2. The following screen may also appear - you can click Set as Default