iOS Mail Setup Instructions

To add a Fyles Web Design mail account to your iPad running iOS 8.0+, simply follow these steps. There's nothing particularly complicated about them, but you do seem to end up doing quite a bit of typing...

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings
  3. Under ‘Accounts’, choose Add Account...
  4. Scroll down to choose Other
  5. Choose Add Mail Account
  6. Complete the form as per the image below, using your own information:
  1. When you have entered the details above, continue to the next screen, which will look like this:
  1. Enter the information as shown, being sure to use your own details.
  2. Press 'Next' (top right corner) when you are done.
  1. The last screen looks like the image above: you can choose to save iPad Notes on the mail server too if that sounds like it might be useful to you.

You're all done!