Professional Email Accounts based in Cumbria, UK

Get professionally-hosted secure email accounts based in Cumbria, UK. Access email on your phone, laptop etc. Move away from Gmail, Yahoo etc - say goodbye to adverts and take control of email securely with our guaranteed private email service. 

Just let us know what you need - from a single email address through to 100s, we offer a robust, secure email service with years of experience.

Move your email to our secure systems

We can migrate your email accounts from your current provider to our secure Cumbria mail server. Don’t take risks with email - relax and let us manage the process for you. 

Even if you’ve been using the same old email service for years, with a big old inbox and loads of folders, we can usually migrate everything seamlessly and to an agreed schedule. Extensive dry-run testing means no surprises or lost messages.

Professional Email Tools

We provide the email services you need and expect. We provide:

  • secure email access
  • configurable anti-spam measures
  • email access on any device, including phones, laptops and more
  • out-of-office message control
  • full user management for larger organisations
  • inbox and attachment quota control
  • fast, reliable service run by UK-based email professionals
  • zero adverts & Gmail-style snooping

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Email on any device, all kept in sync