Content + Image block

The 'Content + Image' block allows you to add content (usually text) and an associated image, in one simple block. This block is welcomed by website editors because:

  • the position of the image, in relation to the text, is handled automatically with four options
  • there are three options for the size of the image
  • a caption may be added to the image
  • the resulting HTML is mobile-friendly
  • horizontal rules may be added above/below the content and image

This page explains how to install and use the Content + Image block. 

(This introductory information uses the block.)

Icon for the Content + Image block

How to add the ‘Content + Image’ block to your Concrete5 website

  1. Obtain the package from the Concrete5 marketplace
  2. The package is contained within a .zip archive. Unzip it.
  3. Place the unzipped content_image directory inside your website’s /packages directory
  1. Log in to your website
  2. In the Dashboard, go to Add Functionality
  3. Under the heading ‘Awaiting Installation’, you will see the ‘Content + Image’ block
  1. Click the Install button to the right of the package
  2. You will see a message confirming the package has been installed.

How to use the ‘Content + Image’ block

  1. When signed in to your website, visit the page you want to add the block to, then click the + button at top left
  1. Drag the ‘Content with Image’ block onto the page
  2. In the dialogue that follows, you will see the following fields to complete. 

The block is reasonably self-explanatory. It may be added to any area of the page, including Global Areas. The block will always take up 100% of the width of the area it is added to. Multiple blocks may be added to the same page. 

If you need help with your use of the block, please contact us.